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Dusty Donuts LTD 001 ft. Jim Sharp & Naughty NMX

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Release Alert!!

Dusty Donuts will release a very limited 45 for this year’s hhv.de Diggin Days meet Kuchenplatte on the 4th of September.

This special release will only be available on this day and later on HHV.de and on our Bandcamp site

Naughty NMX is beginning to be force to be reckoned with. Bringing the jungle boogie back to the Clapton original, he’s strictly business with this reload. And reloaded it will be. Here comes another sure shot, sheriff. Jim Sharp gets busy taking on the ultimate Hip Hop anthem, breaking it down to it’s parts for riggidy real. Fusing a dope combination of primo and chocolate boy wonder sampleswith wide open breaks and sample stabs, Dray and Skoob biggity bring it. No doubt.