Marc Hype & DJ Suspect on 45 Live Radioshow #100

  • Date:2019-12-20
  • Time:16:00
  • Location: Los Angeles , USA
  • Venue: DUBLAB

The year was 2015….ground zero for the 45 Live Radio Show.

Featuring the who is the what to the yup nailed it, 45 Live crew….dublab.com provided the platform….all we had to do was raid some of the most loaded record collections on the planet, and deliver them to your audio device.

And yuh, that’s exactly what we did!

Featuring an assembly of the bossest DJ’s to ever slang a piece of wax, the 45 Live Radio Show is, was and always shall be a tribute to the 7″ single like no other….and we’re about to hit the 100th show to slam the airwaves…..and o’course, we be doin‘ it with class!

Show #100 will feature every member of the 45 Live crew, providing a 5 minute offering from their personal crates….that could be a cut’n’paste mix, a personal production or whatever else they might bring to the table….this will be a 2 hour run through ya don’t wanna miss….something special from us to you…if you’re not familiar with the playaz, then allow me to present the 45 Live glitterati!

DJ Woody
Greg Belson
Pete Isaac
Boca 45
Aeon Seven
Marc Hype
DJ Suspect
Music Man Miles
DJ Format
Jon More
Ollie Teeba
Florian Keller
Strictly Kev
Baz Hickey
Monk One
Mr Thing
Andy Smith

Tune in on Friday 20th December 2019 at 8pm US PDT (4am UK GMT) for a funkin‘ lesson…the heat is gonna be on, so snuggle up around your listening device and feel the fire!