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The Forty Five Kings 24h Global Livestream

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Put This In Your Diary, It’s Going To Be a Massive Celebration of Music!!!

The Forty Five Kings are Proud to Present our first ‚Online Event‘ featuring 25 members of The Forty Five Kings from around the world stepping up to play 1 hour sets of the format that rules them all, the humble 45 or to some the 7″ single.

We will present for your listening pleasure 25 Djs across multiple genres and destinations, playing one format, the 45 and do it in the old way, with 2 turntables, a mixer and a microphone.

This is all about celebrating the shared experience and joy of music. Expect nothing but the very best music brought to you by deep crate diggers, crazy good djs, turntablists and technical wizards and bedroom masters.

Check our lineup it’s huge:

Marc HypeDusty Donuts
Naughty NMXDusty Donuts
DJ ChvareSkopje Vinyl Convention
DJ Mr Lob – The Forty Five Kings & Black Caesar Djs
25Tthc – 45 Day
Deejay Mathmatics – Boomboxery
Mike Chrome Walkeden
Dj Fonki Cheff
DJ D-Cow
Jaybreaks Nonstop
Fatwax45Waxnerds45 & The Forty Five Kings
Vito Keedoman
Serpent City Records – DJ Kayote Orig Vinyl Only
Dj loopdropkid
@Fatha Ramzee – 45 Bandits
Franklin Spinwell
Dj Funk E Fish
Dj Sticky Dojah] Wes Pickell
Enzo Pietanza

Please help spread the word, Invite people, give our Twitch page a follow and join with us for this remarkable and ‚Free‘ event.

The Forty Five Kings