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New Rub Color Series 45s by Naughty NMX & DJ Goce

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Vol. 6 feat. DJ Goce

Side A – Livin’ It Up Witcha (Goce’s Saturday Morning Mix)

Side B – Do You Want Heat_ (Goce’s Kidada Mix)

 On the A Side the Notorious Brooklyn Bad Boy is back, moaning about the fact that he’s got nothing to do on a Saturday after a crazy lit Friday night. This funked up boogie edit is one for the dance floor once lockdown has passed and will surely rock for years to come. On the flip, big Q warms things with the heat. This well known sample is so understated and smooth, yet instantly recognisable not just by die hard fans. It’ll rock any venue from Bar to BBQ back to the dancefloor. Special Edition in gold vinyl.

Vol. 7

Side A – M.E.T.H.O.D. (NMX Modern Love Mix)

Side B – Sexy Bastard (NMX Supafreaky Edit)

 Naughty NMX brings a Shaolin flavoured Club Banger, that takes the M.E.T.H.O.D. man right into the 80s club feel of the original inspiration for it’s hook. This mix makes Tical sound like a oldschool party MC in juxtapose to his usual gritty boom bap sound. On the flip we find his Clan brother in rhyme Big Baby Jesus about the cash money over hyped up funky stabs and a bouncy bass line. This sexy version of a rap club classic will have those booties shakin‘ around the globe.