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DJ Matman – Dr Dre ‚The Chronic‘ 25th Anniversary Mix

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Matman’s tribute mix for 25th Anniversary of Dr. Dre’s seminal debut solo album ‚The Chronic‘. Not many albums can rightfully lay claim to the title of ‚landmark recording‘, but The Chronic is certainly one of them, an LP that arguably sparked an entire movement in Hip Hop and which certainly held great influence over the genre’s direction for decades to come. As Dre’s first major release after his departure from N.W.A, it was a record with a lot to prove, and it delivered innovation in spades. It is largely credited with kick-starting the G-Funk movement, a sonic template which married slick gliding synths, rhythm guitar and more with P-Funk and realted samples to create a sound smoother and more polished than most Hip Hop production prior. For our latest mixtape, former DMC and ITF champion DJ Matman marries album cuts, alt versions and remixes with original sample material and more.