The mysterious liveDEMO 45

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liveDEMO Promopressing ft. Kurtis Blow, Mr. Complex, Mangu & Oezlem Something very special reappeared on the surface! After the seminal live recording at the popular liveDEMO event in Berlin November 2005, the already limited stack of the records mysteriously dissapeared, they’re even not listed on Discogs yet. Only a very[…]

Dusty Donuts 013 feat Naughty NMX & Marc Hype

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Dusty Donuts comin’ fresh for 2018 with two brandnew bangers! Marc Hype & Naughty NMX taking the A-train from Brooklyn to Harlem while reworking two NYC anthems like you’ve never heard before to shaking floors worldwide. If you don’t understand love, get the flamboyant move! Yes, you’re now rocking with[…]

The Legendary Birthday Ball 2018 – The Big 45

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Pelle Pelle presents The Legendary Birthday Ball 2018 >>> THE BIG 45 <<< 45 years Marc Hype 30 years of Djing Event >>> http://bit.do/thebig45 Live: ONRA (All City / Paris) SONS OF TIME (Unique Rec) Ono -Jim Dunloop – Marc Hype SOULROCK (Beatbox Show) DJs: MARC HYPE (Dusty Donuts / 45 Live)[…]